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Cole - by Fathimath Ain Labeeg (5A)

This is one of the narrative text type of writings I have done in my English class.

Once upon a time, there lived a handsome boy called Cole. Unfortunately, for him, his father died when he was little and his mother married another man. But soon after that, his mother also died. So he had to live with his step-father and his two step-brothers. They did not treat Cole well.

Cole’s step-father made him do all the work. He had to work throughout the day. The step-father and his two sons lived in luxury while Cole slept in the kitchen.

One day, the step-father bought beautiful clothes for his sons. He had come to know that the princess has invited them to a ball where she will choose her future husband.  Cole, too, was keen to go to the ball but he did not have nice clothes so he was very sad. The next day the step-father and his sons left for the ball leaving Cole alone and miserable.

Suddenly, a fairy appeared. “Cole, go and enjoy the ball. I will take care of your clothes. But be back at 12 o’clock or my magic will disappear.” The fairy said. Then she waved her wand and Cole was no longer in dirty clothes. He was wearing splendid clothes and looked like a prince. The fairy waved her wand again.

Cole found himself in the palace. The princess saw him and asked him to dance. Cole lost track of time and the clock soon struck 12. Cole returned to his former self. While he was dancing, Cole told the princess about his step-father and his step-brothers. After hearing Cole’s story, the princess got very angry because it was against the rules of the kingdom to mistreat children. She ordered her guards to arrest the step-father. The princess married Cole and they lived happily ever after.
Cole - by Fathimath Ain Labeeg (5A) Cole - by Fathimath Ain Labeeg (5A) Reviewed by Maradhoo School on November 03, 2015 Rating: 5

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  1. Cinderella opposite?
    Good story but I wish these were a bit more creative


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