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Maldives – A paradise on earth- by Mariyam Miska (5A)

This is an article I wrote in English period about Maldives. It’s great to know more about our beloved country. Don’t you think so?
 People who visit Maldives say that Maldives is a paradise on earth. It contains 1190 islands and among which 202 are inhabited. Maldives has 26 natural atolls and 105 exclusive resorts. About 400,000 people live in Maldives and more than103, 600 of them live in the capital island, Male’. The Maldivian currency is Rf and L ( ruffiya and laari). This country became an Islamic country in the year 1153AD. The National Tree in Maldives is the coconut palm (ރުއް). Maldivians have their own language called Dhivehi.

Maldives is famous for underwater beauty, including white sandy beaches and crystal clear lagoons. Many tourists visit Maldives to spend time in snorkelling, diving, surfing and playing water games or sports in the blue lagoons.
The Maldives has a mixed culture of neighbouring countries. The most famous music, boduberu resembles African drumming. The Maldivians make mats of geometric designs. Traditional dresses have embroidered neckline which is made by Maldivians. The men's traditional dress consists of plain white shirt and plaid sarong with a head cloth.

Tourism is the largest industry in Maldives from which we get most of the foreign income. The second largest is the fishing industry which is attracting the youths interest as well.
The Maldives has a unique natural beauty that everyone wants to experience. So I am proud to be a Maldivian.

Written by Mariyam Miska 5A

Maldives – A paradise on earth- by Mariyam Miska (5A) Maldives – A paradise on earth- by Mariyam Miska (5A) Reviewed by Maradhoo School on November 12, 2015 Rating: 5

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