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A child ruled the world- by Aruzan Hashim (7A)

There was a boy named Jack. He believed if children ruled the world, it would be a better place. He bragged about how great it would be if he was the king of the world, due to which he became a laughing stock. They took his idea as just a child's dream. He was very sad and wanted to prove them wrong.

One day, when he was walking to school he stumbled upon a lamp. when he picked it up, a blue genie came out. The genie said that he will grant Jack three wishes. The boy was shocked, but he took this as a chance to become the king of the world. As he wished this, he found himself in a grand palace with beautiful luxurious cars and such. When he saw there was a man right next to him, Jack inquired the man about the place. The man handed a map to Jack which was made of gold. By looking at the map, he found out that this place was actually a private island in the pacific ocean. This actually surprised Jack. He wondered to himself, thinking he must truly be the king of the world,

he asked the handsome man where his office was so that he can start changing the world to his liking. The man lead him to a room made of polished white marble. There was a desk in the middle with a computer on it. He sat down and started making changes to the world using the computer. He first told the whole world about the changes he will make.

First everyone will get candy. There will be no prisons and everyone will be happy playing together. The changes were going to be made immediately. A month later a huge letter came, saying that if this plan was to continue the economics would collapse and with no resources the world will be in ruins. This did not even bother Jake as he didn't know what economic is or what kind of chaos the world will be in.

He continued on until one day people who looked famished and unhealthy came to his door. They were pleading to stop his plans. He wasn't interested. After a few months, the earth became so hot that every water source dried up and people were fighting for food.

When at last Jack realised what he had done, he was ashamed of the mass destruction he caused. Seeing this Jack cried and cried. If he had not been so foolish he could have had a normal life without this heavy burden. Suddenly the genie appeared which confused Jack. The genie explained that he still had 2 wishes left. Understanding this Jack wished for everything to be normal. In a flash he was on the street and on his way to school. However the genie was still there. Thinking hard Jack wished his final wish. He wished to be rid of anything and everything which grants wishes. The genie was gone.

After that day, Jack worked hard so he can prove a better future for the children of tomorrow and make them understand how hard it is to run a country, little less a world.
A child ruled the world- by Aruzan Hashim (7A) A child ruled the world- by Aruzan Hashim (7A) Reviewed by Maradhoo School on March 02, 2016 Rating: 5

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  1. He wasted his last wish
    He could have made the world free of poverty or something


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